The Ultimate Guide to

Logic Pro Instrument Plugins

Logic Pro Synthesizers Part 1

1. The ESM: Monophonic Bass Synth

In this video we go over the ESM, a powerful but simple monophonic bass synthesiser. This is great for powerful Moog style sounds that sit well under your mix. Because Logic's ESM synth is a monophonic synth - it works primarily as a bass and lead sound generator.

2. The ESE

The ESE is a fantastic but cheesy looking polyphonic synthesiser. It's great for pad sounds and chorus style synths. We go over every parameter in this chapter including: attack and release controls, pulse width modulation, cutoff, resonance and velocity sensitivity.

3. The ESP

The 8-voice ES P (ES Poly) emulates classic polyphonic synthesizers of the 1980s. It is a versatile instrument that is capable of producing a huge variety of sounds. In this tutorial we go over the oscillation section – including a number of new waveforms - and the other parameters including vibrato, wah, a full ADSR control panel and output controls.

4. The ES1

In this tutorial we go over the top panel of the ES1 which includes the dual oscillators, filter parameters, ADSR Via Vel and the Level via Vel - as well as global controls. We also encounter a new slider which allows us to set our velocity range - a control that will remain useful in the understanding of upcoming instruments.

5. The EFM

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6. Retro Synth

Retro synth is one of my favourite synthesisers in logic – it has a perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. You can quickly start creating lovely sounds without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices. In this chapter we go over the main page which is the analog settings. This includes: the oscillator, filter, AMP effects including flange and phaser, glide controls, modulation including vibrato and LFO settings, filter envelope and amp envelope.