The Complete Guide to Logic Pro X Instrument Plugins

Understand synthesis from the ground up and master every single virtual instrument inside of Logic Pro X for Mac.


Master Every Logic Instrument - and Create Limitless Awesome Sounds.

In this course you will understand and master all of Logic Pro X’s virtual instrument plugins, synthesizers and VSTs. Starting from beginner level, you’ll learn the deep principles of synthesis and enhance your music by learning how to emulate the instrument, synth and drum sounds of your favorite artists and producers as well as a wealth of other music production skills.

Each of the many free instruments included in Logic is like it’s own piece of software. Some of these are small like the ESE, ESM and ESP - but others, like Alchemy Synthesiser & Sampler or Sculpture Modelling Synth provide so many parameters they can be overwhelming could have their own entire courses. Many people don’t even scratch the surface of what these instruments do and buy new ones without realising how powerful they are.

The Entire Logic Instruments Manual - In One Step-by-Step Video Course.

Many courses on Logic Pro go through the production, editing and mixing side of the program, but do not explain the instruments in depth. Understanding the concepts behind how these instruments work, let alone learning the interface can take months and it’s easy for even conscientious people to give up.

I’ve read the manual for you - literally. I’ve read every page of that that thing and condensed and rephrased that complex bible into a practical course that guides you through each instrument - backed with the concepts you need to understand each one and make it yours.

You could take this course and go through the whole thing, or use this as your production instrument encyclopedia - referring to it at will whenever you forget what a dial or knob does.

Which Logic Instruments Does the Course Cover?

Starting with a complete introduction to Synthesis mini-course, this course builds through the most simple instruments sequentially, right up to the most complex - covering everything you need to know about the following Logic Pro X instruments:

  • ESM
  • ESE
  • ESP
  • ES1
  • EFM
  • Retro Synth
  • ES2
  • ESX24 Sampler
  • EVOC PS Vocoder
  • Complete Alchemy Synthesiser Course
  • Sculpture
  • Vintage Clav
  • Vintage Electric Piano
  • Vintage B3 Hammond Organ
  • Logic Pro Drummer
  • Drum Kit Designer
  • Drum Machine Designer
  • Ultrabeat Complete Course

In addition, I cover core concepts behind using these virtual instruments that allow you to use them exceedingly well. Concepts and guides to the controls of things like:

  • Envelopes, Filters and Modulation
  • Filters, Sends and EffectsPreparing your own samples and building your own sampled instrument
  • Sequencers, Arpeggiators and Vector EnvelopesXY Pads, Midi Controllers (CCs and Via modulations
  • Morphing, Macros and Global ControlsModelled instruments, 
  • Principles behind and getting the best out of the Logic DrummerPrinciples of Library Management and organising your library as a composer/producer
  • Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis, Sync Synthesis and Virtual Analog DigitalGranular Synthesis, Spectral Synthesis and Formant

And more..