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What we do here
Lean Musician is the platform that helps practicing musicians achieve all aspects of success, across the board. Through videos, podcasts, articles and more, we provide and explore new approaches to help accelerate the way you perform, create, market, manage, practice and produce your craft.

What we’re about
Being lean means creating better output using less input. A lean musician focuses time and effort more effectively to improve both their skills and enjoyment. The ultimate goal is to get the most out of practice using playful, creative and insightful processes, which give you healthier and more fulfilling experiences all round. Happy days.

The Team


Jack Vaughan | Composer, Producer, Conductor, Musician


Jack Vaughan

Jack Vaughan is a composer, conductor and producer, based in Bristol, UK. He’s fascinated in: coaching, writing, psychology, business, quantum physics, media music, plug-ins, public speaking, folk music, singing in the shower, to name a few…

As a composer, Jack has written for theatre, film, library, concert and television. Past roles as musical director, arranger and composer include projects with: The Bristol Old Vic, Colston Hall, Charles Hazelwood, The BBC Concert Orchestra, Bristol University, Bristol Cathedral School and St Georges Concert Hall. Like most freelancers, he’s also really good at writing about himself in the third person.


Thomas Solomon Gray


Thomas Solomon Gray

Thomas Solomon Gray is an entrepreneur, composer, poet, pianist, vocalist, director and educator. He lives in East London with his better half close to the world-famous street, Brick Lane. As a coffee-fanatic, foodie and obsessive TV series watcher he has no football skills whatsoever.

He’s an aspiring photographer, cinematographer, painter and fiction-author and is keen to develop his culinary skills. Enthused by both his students and colleagues, he’s grateful to be pursing his love of the arts.

As a practitioner of “lean” methodology in recent years, his musical explorations have never been so captivating and fulfilling. In his pursuit for happiness in both music and life in general, he’s trying to convince his spouse that they get a dog.


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